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Weekly Flower Subscriptions

We want to make an easy subscription that allows you to get our floral bouquet biweekly. Select your price point, number of weeks you’d like your subscription and that’s it. Bring some Flower Shop By Wolf and Moon magic into your home each week. We offer our classic style bouquets and arrangements in our aesthetic using locally sourced and imported flowers seasonally. Please take your time to read our new guidelines and policy for our Flower Subscription before ordering. Due to COVID 19 we have adjusted our pricing and delivery fees have been added to each subscription. Please ensure a safe arrival of your flowers with our own drivers and practice social distancing when applicable. 

Subscription Price Points

  • We will be offering bouquets at $75, $95 and $125 per week. You will be committed to your price points until your subscription is finished. We are not allowing any splitting of days to friends or breaking down your price point to smaller bouquets. The value of your bouquet is based on seasonal flower pricing, labour of processing the flowers and design arrangement by us. There is no cancelling of your subscription nor transferable. All subscriptions are final sale and non-transferable. 
  •  There is a $25 delivery fee added to each subscription week. This is to ensure your flowers arrive safe and secure with our delivery person.
  • Additional delivery fees may apply if you are outside of our delivery boundaries. Please email us if you are on the border or outside so that we can serve your area. Email us at

Subscription Flowers

  • Each bouquet is hand arranged by us from start to finish. We do not leave any details left undone. This includes selecting flowers, processing the flowers, arranging the flowers and hand wrapping each bouquet.
  • Your bouquet will reflect the price point you have selected for your subscription. This is based on the type of flower used, labour and design work for your bouquet and hand wrapping. A $75 bouquet will not look like a $125 one.
  • All bouquets will require hydration and we ask they be put in water right away. Cut on a sharp angle and place into water.
  • We cannot control the environment it is in so please be diligent in putting into water. If you have an issue with the bouquet, we require an email within 24 hours with attached photos to see what the issue is.
  • Do not leave flowers unattended at condo concierge areas or house porches. We are not responsible for damaged flowers if requesting our drivers to leave it somewhere for you. Please ensure someone is home or leave us detailed instructions. We do not re deliver in the same day. You will be asked to pick up your bouquet at our studio the following day.
  • You must complete your entire subscription. We do not offer cancellations of subscriptions while in progress.

Subscription Weeks

  • We are currently only doing biweekly subscription. You will not be able to select your own days at this time. This allows us to arrange and prep your flowers in an orderly time for time of delivery. No exceptions currently. Please ensure someone is available to receive them or give us alternative delivery instructions.
  • If you are unavailable for a delivery or will be away, we ask that you contact us via email a week prior of your subscription delivery. You will be added to the next round of deliveries automatically. We will not be doing specific days for re deliveries.

Subscription Delivery

  • We deliver within the GTA and outside.
  • We will be delivering within your subscription day within a timely matter within the day. We do not deliver on specific times.
  • All drivers will be in PPE for your protection and theirs. In the safety of us and you please give us any contact-less instructions you may have to suit your delivery needs. Please leave us a note with any special delivery instructions you may have.
  • Add any special delivery notes in the NOTES field. If it’s left blank, we are assuming you have none. 

Subscription Local Pick-up

  • We are not offering pick up currently.
  • All pricing has reflected the current prices during COVID 19 and our labour.

Enjoy the Flower Shop By Wolf and Moon signature style to your home every 2 weeks. All hand tied bouquets are hand-picked and wrapped by us to you. All subscriptions are final sale and non-transferable. Please email at if outside of Toronto for delivery quote.

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