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Sam James Coffee

Consistently roasting naturally sweet, chocolatey coffee is at the heart of what Sam James Coffee is. Excellent quality comes from experience, and they have been offering Toronto's best coffee for over a decade. What separates them from the rest is their commitment to highly accessible medium roasts that are easy to brew and, most importantly, delicious to drink.

Too often, specialty coffee moves in the direction of lightly roasted coffee which is challenging to brew. Sam James thinks coffee should be sweet, not sour, earthy, smoky, or grassy. They have a simple menu and roast in small batches, so they can promise that the bag of beans you enjoyed last time will taste the same as the bag you just ordered. 

Butter Knife Espresso Beans 12oz


Decaf Espresso Colombia Beans 12oz


Colombia - Whole Bean 12oz


Guatemala - Whole Bean 12oz


Butter Knife Espresso Bean - Bulk 5lb Bag


Tanzania - Whole Bean 12oz


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